Industrial Plant Maintenance in Richmond

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At your commercial facility, good maintenance isn’t a luxury—it can mean the difference between a good quarter and a bad quarter, and it can shut down production at a moment’s notice. Preventive maintenance of your plant from a trained industrial maintenance technician is an investment in your company’s success. And when you partner with George Self Lawn Service LLC, we make it affordable and effective too.

We’re not only industrial maintenance technicians, though. George Self Lawn Service LLC offers Richmond businesses a new way to consider their industrial plant maintenance. Not only do we fix and upkeep your machinery and upkeep, we also provide expert commercial landscaping, so your business looks as great as it functions.

Plant Maintenance Services We Offer

When you hire George Self Lawn Service LLC to perform upkeep on your industrial facility, you’ll get top-to-bottom service that makes your plant more functional and more profitable. We’ll leave no stone unturned in our quest to make your property as attractive and accessible as possible.

Some of the many plant maintenance services we offer to commercial business owners in Richmond are:

  • Spill Clean-Ups: Oil or chemical spills can quickly shut down your facility, and unless your groundskeeper has experience in dealing with hazardous materials, can be tough to deal with. We show up with the right equipment to quickly minimize spill areas and to get them cleaned up so your business can get running again.
  • BobCat and Small Vehicle Service: Need a lift? We provide and repair Bobcat and other utility vehicles for small jobs done faster.
  • Parking Lot Maintenance: A parking lot strewn with debris isn’t functional. We clear out gravel, rocks, and debris that poses a risk to you and your employee’s vehicles.
  • Road and Lot Service: Gravel roadways or unfinished sites that aren’t maintained properly can sap minutes from your employees’ productivity every day, costing you as many as two to three full working days per year in lost time. We ensure all roadways and lots on your property are clear and free of blockages.
  • Snow Removal: We’re up early every winter morning, ensuring you, your employees, and shippers and freighters can access your site all year round.
  • Small Engine Repair: UTV break down on the job? Floor waxing machine not starting? We’re capable of performing minor repairs to a wide variety of equipment as needed.
  • Fence Installation: Secure your property with George Self Lawn Service LLC’s fence building and repair services, included as part of our general plant maintenance packages.
  • Machinery Cleanup and Removal: Do you have a lot covered in discarded and broken machinery? George Self Lawn Service LLC hauls it off and disposes of it properly for you.

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Our one overarching goal at George Self Lawn Service LLC is to help local businesses that make Richmond the place it is thrive. From industrial plant maintenance and facility upkeep to commercial landscaping, George Self Lawn Service LLC takes care of the little things so you can focus on the task at hand. For more information, or to request an estimate for our services, call us today!