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Keeping Chesterfield beautiful with the right pesticides

Few things can hurt the look of a greenspace like weeds growing in a beautiful garden or an overrun easement.  At George Self Lawn Service LLC we make it our mission to help the home owners, business owners and municipalities of Chesterfield keep their lawns and right-of-way areas pristine using only the safest, regulated pesticides and the most up to date equipment.

Right-of-Way Weed Control

The look of a city and its surroundings are major factors for people purchasing or renting real estate for themselves and their families as well as those simply looking for a place to enjoy the beautiful weather of Chesterfield and mellow out by lying outside with a book or a picnic basket. Thistles and nettles are not only an eyesore for potential home owners and wanderers but they also can be a hazard for pets like dogs that don’t have the benefit of shoes to protect them from the stingers that these pesky plants are best known for. George Self Lawn Service LLC keeps public places accessible and visually pleasing year round.

Lawn and Ornamental Weed Control

Identification and removal of grass type weeds can be very difficult as they can be incredibly similar to your desirable turf grasses despite the fact that they can cause significant damage to them. George Self Lawn Service LLC’s lawn care specialists are experts at singling out and removing pesky lawn invaders like crabgrass using only the safest herbicides available. Ornamental weeds, while beautiful, can also be very frustrating as they tend to grow incredibly fast. Even though they are pretty at first, they can quickly overrun a yard or easement.

George Self Lawn Service LLC has been helping Chesterfield for years to control and eliminate ornamental, broadleaf, and lawn weeds. Don’t lose the battle against weeds, contact George Self Lawn Service LLC today an expert, thorough and cost efficient weed removal service.

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Other Services

Helping Chesterfield Businesses with Their Greenspaces

Regular maintenance is vital for an industry’s appearance and also employee satisfaction. Cracked parking lots, messy bathrooms and dirty walls are an eyesore that can be off putting to both employees and clients. Don’t let issues with dirt, grime and maintenance bring your company down. George Self Lawn Service LLC has been helping businesses in the Chesterfield area to keep their parking lots and interiors clean for years because we have the most talented staff, the newest equipment and the best customer service.

Parking Lot Maintenance

The parking area is often at the forefront of a business building. Keeping them maintained properly can attract new clientele and also increase employee happiness. Seeing roots breaking through concrete can send the message that the owner of the lot doesn’t really care about the well-being of his property and by extension, his business. Don’t let a sloppy parking lot hurt your profit. Owners in the Chesterfield area choose George Self Lawn Service LLC for various external upkeep solutions. Just a few of the services we provide are:

  • Parking lot design and basic paving
  • Weed and plant removal
  • Tree/bush planting and preservation
  • Storm-water management

Industrial Janitorial Service

Cleanliness is not only integral to any well-run company but also to the health of its employees. Maintaining a spotless workplace makes employees feel valued and tells potential customers that you are an owner who cares about taking care of the details. George Self Lawn Service LLC provides Chesterfield business owners with the one stop solution to most all of their aesthetic and cleanliness needs. We offer janitorial services such as:

  • Restroom cleaning and disinfecting
  • Stair and elevator sweeping and polishing
  • Air conditioning vent washing
  • Light fixture and baseboard scrubbing

Don’t let dirty work environments and poorly maintained parking lots lower morale. Call George Self Lawn Service LLC to give you, your clients and your employees the care you deserve. We have been serving and will continue to serve the Chesterfield area for many years. Put our proven ability to handle any parking lot or janitorial issue to use.

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BOB Cat Service

Excavation and Big Equipment Jobs in Chesterfield

George Self Lawn Service LLC has the equipment necessary for jobs that are just too big for shovels and spades. When it comes to projects of a larger scale, George Self Lawn Service LLC has been serving the Chesterfield area for years, providing only the highest quality of service to our customers. Our carefully chosen technicians are incredibly proficient with Caterpillar Bobcat equipment and are able to perform impressive fine motions to clean, excavate and organize large quantities of material with ease.

Some of the Bobcat Services We Offer

  • Waste cleanup and disposal for residential and industrial sites, whether after a building collapse, treefalls, or the rare occasion that you may need snow removed, our Bobcat operators are the best choice for the job with the most knowledge of the best practice in recycling and removal of various kinds of refuse
  • Spill cleanup; at George Self Lawn Care LLC, pipeline bursts and containment are our specialty. Don’t let potentially hazardous leaks go unmaintained, let our technicians seal off and eliminate any problematic spill sites
  • Some projects require the use of large machinery to properly excavate and dig, whether it is for a landscape or a small foundation. Our professionals provide the Chesterfield area with the most efficient, cost effective heavy equipment operators

Undertaking large projects and the cleanup and setup that can be involved with them can be back breaking work. Don’t hurt yourself or waste money hiring a team to do a job that one Bobcat can perform with minimal effort. At George Self Lawn Service LLC, we hire only the best technicians in the Chesterfield area and we offer the most cost effective method of getting those big jobs done quickly. From patios to parking lots, choose George Self Lawn Service LLC for the most professional look and performance.

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