Commercial Landscaping in Hopewell

Commercial Landscaping Services in Hopewell

We place a lot of importance on first impressions. We all make sure we’re well-dressed for meetings and that we show up on time. We try to be polite and good-natured. Generally, we try to present the best version of ourselves.

Yet with all this stock placed in first impressions and appearance, why don’t we all pay more attention to our Hopewell property’s lawn and landscape?

Your lawn is the first thing any new client is going to see when they approach your property. If your lawn is unkempt, thick with weeds and overgrown, it could send visitors the wrong message.

At George Self Lawn Service LLC, we can make sure your landscape makes the most stunning first—and second— impressions! Not only can we improve the look of your landscape, but we can also improve its functionality with well-placed shrubs, plants, and pathways. Your bald and dusty lawn can be transformed into a consistently green and grass-filled lawn.

Don’t trust amateurs or part-time landscapers. Trust George Self Lawn Service LLC. We have the professional experience and equipment to make sure your Hopewell property is always healthy.

Lawn Aeration in Hopewell

Maybe your lawn isn’t looking as green as you’d like. It might have you wondering how other people’s properties are so healthy looking. You might be fertilizing and watering your lawn as much as you’ve been advised, but no luck.

Well, they might’ve had a little extra help from the professional lawn care experts at George Self Lawn Service LLC.

Consistent fertilization and regular watering aren’t always effective. When it seems like these practices are not helping your lawn, what are you supposed to do?

First things first, you’re going to have to call us. When George Self Lawn Service LLC arrives at your property, we will likely propose that we aerate your lawn. What is lawn aeration? Well, first off, let’s look at why your lawn isn’t absorbing its water and nutrients. If your lawn is unresponsive to care, it is probably because nutrients, water, and air are not reaching the lawn’s soil.

Lawn aeration is the process by which we use a special machine to perforate the soil with hundreds of small holes. Poking these small holes into the soil will ensure that your lawn’s needed water and nutrients reach the soil and its roots. Even the grass itself will be stronger thanks to aeration!

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Lawn Mower

Sure, lawn mowing isn’t the most complicated task in the world. But who has the time to mow their property’s lawn on a regular basis?

Other than our services being a time-saver, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your lawn is only being cared for with the most high-quality equipment. Our mowers aren’t the kinds you’d find in a neighbor’s garage—they are professional-grade lawn mowers. They’re also serviced regularly, ensuring that we are always cutting your grass with the sharpest blades.

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