Commercial Landscaping in Richmond

George Self Lawn Service LLC is Richmond’s leading commercial landscaping company. We don’t split our time between residential and commercial landscaping. We’re committed to the tools, techniques, and specialized skills that make commercial landscaping a craft all on its own. So if you own or are managing a commercial property in Richmond, there’s no one more qualified for the job than George Self Lawn Service LLC.

We offer a range of services for the businesses of Richmond including:

  • Garden design, installation, and maintenance
  • Lawn mowing
  • Scheduled lawn care and maintenance
  • Hardscape installation and repair
  • Large-scale irrigation systems
  • Tree, shrub, and foliage installation
  • Pesticide
  • Fence installation and removal
  • Snow and ice removal

The Technology and Tools to Get it Done Right

All our landscapers undergo rigorous training before ever stepping foot on a client’s property. Hours upon hours are spent learning the ins and outs of each machine. This is one way we ensure that every job is done according to the highest standards of quality. Some examples of tools we use include bobcats, tractors, commercial lawn mowers, snow blowers, power saws, stone cutters, and other power tools.

We should mention that our crew is a tight-knit bunch and their dedication to the craft shows. We complete every job according to the highest standards of quality. And if our clients have any concerns at all, we’re prepared to answer to them without hesitation.

Safety Comes First at George Self Lawn Service LLC

Everyone on the crew is insured, certified, and bonded. Each has gone through a rigorous vetting process ensuring their ability and dedication to the work. Because we operate heavy machinery for our commercial landscaping services, we know there are risks involved on every job site.

That’s why we always prioritize safety above all else. And because every member of the team is insured, your business is not liable for accidents that occur on your property.

Planning a Landscape That Suits Your Business

We know that every business is a little different. Each has its own priorities, its own standards, and its own requirements. That’s why we put a lot of effort into the initial planning stages. We’ll sit down with you to work out the basic idea of what you’re looking for. Then we’ll determine the feasibility of the project within the budgetary limits we set up. By the time we start the actual landscaping project, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting.

We know your time is money, and we’re not going to waste a single second of it. By creating a detailed plan and budget, our goal is to make you as comfortable as possible with your investment. We’ve made a name for ourselves in Richmond by doing things by the book.

So when you hear the name George Self Lawn Service LLC, your first thought is honesty, integrity, and full transparency.

Contact us Today!

If you’re looking for a dedicated crew with years of experience in commercial landscaping behind them, look no further than George Self Lawn Service LLC. And if you have a strange or unusual job that you’re not sure about—give us a call! We’re more than happy to discuss options with you.